Routine Dental Care in Lancaster, TX

Taking care of your physical health means more than just taking care of your body. It also means taking care of your teeth and gums. Good dental health can prevent problems like cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections and diabetes. Good health includes good oral hygiene, and that includes twice-yearly visits to Red Oak Smile Center. At Red Oak Smile Center in Lancaster, Dr. Khalid Sadeddin can handle all of your preventative dentistry needs, including X-rays, teeth cleaning and scaling.

What to Expect From a Preventative Dentistry Exam

When people think of routine dental care, they think of a standard dental cleaning, followed by an exam by a dentist. However, preventative dentistry includes more than just your twice-yearly cleaning!

When you visit Red Oak Smile Center for a routine exam, your visit may begin with dental X-rays. We use these X-rays to examine your gums and teeth. Dr. Sadeddin will discuss any medical conditions or lifestyle habits, such as smoking, that may affect your dental health. Be sure to tell us about any medications you are taking because some medications can cause dry mouth or other conditions that could affect your teeth and gums.

What to Expect From Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Sadeddin and his team of dental hygienists are ready to help you get back your whitest, healthiest smile! We begin every teeth cleaning with a physical exam of your mouth. This helps us spot gingivitis or plaque buildup that may need some extra attention.

After the physical exam, we move on to the descaling part of the cleaning. During this part of the cleaning, we use a tool called a descaler to remove unsightly plaque and tartar.

Next, we will give your teeth a thorough cleaning with a high-powered toothbrush. We floss your teeth and get every spot around the gum line, so your pearly whites will shine when you leave our chair.

Preventative Dentistry Improves Your Physical Health

When we have finished the professional cleaning, you'll meet with Dr. Sadeddin to go over the X-ray results and discuss how your oral health affects your overall physical health. He will check your mouth, lips and gums for any irregularities that could be signs of oral cancer. He will examine your tongue, neck and jaw for any hidden problems. If you have any questions about your brushing and flossing habits, this is a great time to ask. Based on your medical history, he may have recommendations for reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Don't delay taking care of your teeth! At Red Oak Smile Center in Lancaster, we can give you a beautiful smile that will turn heads wherever you go. We'll help you take the important step toward protecting your overall physical health. Give us a call now to schedule your next routine dental exam!