Endodontics Near Me in Lancaster

Many people cringe at the term "root canal." In fact, in an entertaining study conducted by the American Association of Endodontists, 59% of Americans fear this procedure, slightly higher than the number of citizens who fear speaking in public or spiders.

Dr. Khalid Sadeddin with Red Oak Smile Center can make the experience as pleasant as possible. However, getting answers to your questions can also alleviate some of the anxiety.

Is This Fear of Root Canals Justified?

No. This is a routine procedure and only causes a problem if the site of the surgery becomes infected. While mildly uncomfortable, it also probably doesn't hurt as much as most people think, either (especially when Dr. Khalid Sadeddin uses laughing gas or Novocain). In fact, most people who use a numbing agent instead of anesthesia go to work after the procedure.

What Exactly Is a Root Canal?

Dr. Khalid Sadeddin at Red Oak Smile Center will cut into the gum of the affected tooth to make an incision. Then, he will remove any damaged pulp and tissue. The pulp and tissue become damaged when you allow a cavity to go untreated and bacteria gets into the tooth. After removing the damaged pulp and tissue, Dr. Sadeddin will fill in the affected area.

What to Expect During the Root Canal Appointment

The procedure only takes about one hour. While not suitable for a lunch appointment, you can leave work a little bit early instead of calling off the entire day. You should be able to drive after the appointment unless Dr. Khalid Sadeddin decides to use a general anesthesia due to high anxiety.

Do I Need Endodontics Near Me?

The best way to answer this question is to talk to Dr. Sadeddin. However, you may show signs of needing a root canal before he confirms your fear. Some of the signs that you need work done include:

  • Yellow teeth
  • Swollen gums
  • Pain

What Is Endodontics Near Me?

Endodontics refers to dentistry that emphasizes the study of dental pulp and the treatment of damaged dental pulp. The dental pulp is the part of the tooth with blood vessels and tissues that keep it alive.

How Do I Schedule Endodontics Near Me?

Call Dr. Khalid Sadeddin at Red Oak Smile Center to schedule an appointment for endodontics near me. Have your insurance handy, and try not to stress too much before your appointment.