What to Know About Extraction and Oral Surgery in Lancaster

If you need tooth extraction via oral surgery and are in the area of Red Oak, Texas, you can easily have that done at Red Oak Smile Center. Sometimes extractions lead away from pain to a new beginning. Afterwards, you may get a missing tooth replaced, which will mean a better smile or enhanced chewing. Our dentist Dr. Khalid Sadeddin can decide what steps are right for you after your oral surgery.

When Extraction Is Necessary

Sometimes it's not possible to save your tooth. If you're suffering from extreme pain, pulling the tooth may be the only way to alleviate the pain. This is especially true if the tooth is infected.

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you likely need to have the teeth pulled. If left unpulled, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to more dental issues later on down the road.

You might have to have some teeth pulled if you're undergoing certain orthodontic procedures—especially if you have tooth crowding. Removing extra teeth will make room for the new teeth and allow for straighter teeth.

Dr. Sadeddin and our expert dental staff can make sure that your experience is comfortable. We want you to leave with a positive experience and a healthy smile.

What Happens During Extraction?

What does the procedure involve? First, you will first receive a local anesthetic to help with the pain. Nitric oxide, known as laughing gas, is sometimes requested. Oral sedation is another option, and this will allow you to sleep during the procedure.

Dr. Sadeddin will carefully remove the tooth that is the source of the issue. Healing begins once the tooth has been extracted. You may need to apply ice packs to lessen the swelling. Dr. Sadeddin may also prescribe medication for comfort. You should not smoke during the first 48 hours after your procedure. It's also recommended to drink through a straw after your operation.

After the surgery, Dr. Sadeddin may suggest a dental bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.

Oral Surgery Near Me

When you're searching for oral surgery near me, Red Oak Smile Center can help. Our dental staff is friendly and will work to provide you with a positive dental experience.

We know that getting a tooth removed can be stressful. With an emphasis on a stress-free experience, we ensure your time with us is comfortable. Contact us at Red Oak Smile Center in Red Oak, Texas to request an appointment or consultation with Dr. Sadeddin when you need surgery near me.