Dentures: What Are They

Many people search online for "dentures near me" without having a full understanding of what they are or how they’re made. Commonly referred to as dental prosthetics, replaceable dental fixtures are made to both replace missing teeth and cover existing teeth. A full or "complete" denture set is necessary when all your teeth are gone, and a "partial" denture set is only needed when some of your teeth remain. Partitions are made up of one or more prosthetic teeth that are secured in place by clasps that fit over the neighboring teeth.

Complete dental prosthetics are divided into two categories: immediate and conventional. Immediate dental prosthetics are produced before the remaining teeth are extracted. They're implanted right away. Because your gums and bone may change form during the healing process, these dental prosthetics will need to be adjusted and realigned by Dr. Sadeddin in the future. To ensure optimal comfort and a nice, snug fit, conventional prosthetics are only created once your teeth are pulled out and both the gums and bones have healed properly.

How Dentures Are Made

The procedure for producing dental prosthetics is rather simple. Dr. Sadeddin will first create a replica of your mouth and jaw. This replica then gets put into what is known as an articulator, which is the process of attaching the teeth to wax. The wax figure is then carved perfectly to resemble your gums. Next, the denture set is plunged into a holding device called a flask, where additional plaster is placed. The acrylic is then poured into a plastic mold with a divider to prevent the acrylic from clinging to the mold. Finally, lab instruments are used to remove the plaster, which is then placed in an ultrasonic wash to remove any leftover plaster. The denture will next be polished and trimmed in order to complete the process.

Dental Bridges Versus Dentures

Dental bridges are simply dental prosthetics that are used to mend any gaps due to missing teeth. They come with pontics, which are fake teeth that are fastened to crowns on neighboring teeth or implants, sometimes known as abutments. Dental bridges are an excellent and very common method of smile restoration here at Red Oak Smile Center.

The Dentures Bridge-Making Process

The bridge-making process starts by preparing the implants or teeth for the crowns which house your bridge. After that, Dr. Khalid Sadeddin takes impressions to ship to our lab, where your restoration will be custom-made. While you wait for your permanent bridge, Dr. Sadeddin will put up a temporary one. Before cementing your dental bridge in place, he will inspect it for a good fit.

Dentures Bridge Care

Similar to natural teeth, dental prosthetics and bridges must be cleaned daily in order to avoid the buildup of plaque and tarter, which ultimately result in problems with teeth discoloring, bad breath and bad gums. Dr. Sadeddin will give you instructions for proper bridge caring to ensure the longest-lasting maintenance of your set. Make an appointment with us if you believe your dental prosthetics are broken or need to be adjusted. To avoid further damage, never attempt any repairs yourself.

Dentures Near Me

To learn more about our high-quality dental prosthetics and bridges, please contact Dr. Khalid Sadeddin at Red Oak Smile Center rather than searching endlessly online for "dentures near me." We're dedicated to restoring your smile and helping you live a better life! Call us right now to make an appointment.