Why Do I Need to Have a Root Canal?

Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

Root canals are necessary to repair and save badly damaged or infected teeth, which may otherwise cause problems or even need extraction. We, at Red Oak Smile Center, are committed to delivering quality, gentle care to our valued patients. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your smile is in skilled and capable hands.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is necessary when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected. That may occur due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures, or cracks or chips in the tooth. Moreover, an injury or trauma may cause pulp damage even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks. Leaving a pulp infection unchecked can cause intense pain and can put your oral health at risk.

Root canal therapy involves removing the tooth pulp and filling the space with a material designed to alleviate pain and to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth’s root. A dental crown is typically used to protect and strengthen the affected tooth and to restore it’s natural appearance, form, and function. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment have the potential of lasting a lifetime with proper care.

Why Save a Damaged Tooth?

It is always better to preserve your teeth whenever possible, and root canal therapy allows for just that. It helps maintain your natural smile and enables you to continue enjoying your favorite foods. Root canals limit the need for ongoing dental work. Losing and then having to replace a damaged tooth will result in more treatments and procedures down the road, and may impact the neighboring teeth and supporting gums.

What Are the Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Warning signs that you may need root canal therapy include severe pain while chewing or biting, tenderness, tooth discoloration, a pimple on the gums indicative of an abscess, chipped or cracked teeth, lingering sensitivity to hot or cold, or tenderness in the lymph nodes under the jaw. In some cases, you may require a root canal but experience no symptoms. Digital x-rays taken during your regular dental exams will uncover any tooth damage, allowing for prompt treatment to save your tooth.

What Is the Root Canal Procedure?

After numbing your mouth, we will remove the inflamed or infected pulp and will clean, medicate, and shape the area. Next, a biocompatible, rubber-like material called gutta-percha with an adhesive cement will seal your root canals. After your root canal procedure, we will fix a crown on your treated tooth to protect it and restore it to its full function.

How Can You Prevent the Need for a Root Canal?

One thing you can do to reduce your risk for future root canals is to improve your oral hygiene habits. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and limit your sugar intake. You should also schedule regular dental exams to allow for early diagnosis and treatment of cavities before they progress and require root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment in Red Oak, TX

Contact Red Oak Smile Center to determine if you require a root canal. We strive to deliver quality, gentle care to our valued patients. We look forward to helping you enjoy a bright and healthy smile for a lifetime. Call us and schedule your appointment today!